Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Saturday was my dad's 50th birthday! We celebrated by having a big party tonight since he's been working all weekend. My dad's never been big on birthdays, but how can you pass up an opportunity for a party for your 50th birthday?

We had my dad's homemade tacos and oh my, were they good!

Homemade Texas sheet cake. Yummy!

The lovely decorations

I dressed Claire up like a present

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!

This is what a birthday is like at my family's house, even when my dad isn't playing the piano.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This summer has been a dream...

Ending a run of a show is always bittersweet. I haven't done a show yet that I haven't liked. A Midsummer Night's Dream was no exception. I'm glad to have more time to spend with my family and to be able to get things accomplished, but it was so hard to say goodbye to La Jolla Playhouse because the show was so much fun and the people were so nice and great to work with. I never got tired of it, although the weekends were always hard because I had 2 shows on Saturday and 2 shows on Sunday. In between shows, I stayed in La Jolla because it wasn't worth it to drive home. It was a typical 8-show-a-week run so it got a bit tiring sometimes, but I enjoyed it so much. So sad it's over! (Like I said, bittersweet.)

I'm gonna miss these signs

Our conductor and assistant conductor

The conductor with the upside down piano behind him (which he plays onstage when it's not upside down)

Ever wonder what a pit looks like? Here ya go.

"Allegro Insecto" (the composer and orchestrator had a sense of humor), AND we had to play the kazoo at the same time


My favorite part (viola soli)

My music stand

Because I know you want to know what a typical pit floor looks like, here's a lovely picture for you: complete with books, puzzles, phones and toys

We held a little goodbye orchestra party in between shows

Our gift to the conductor

One of the best conductors I've worked with

Closing night cast party

The orchestra (I'm sure gonna miss these people)

And some random videos for your viewing enjoyment:

Aunties are the best!

We enjoyed a short and sweet visit from Douglas' sister Holly this past week. All I have from her visit are pictures of Claire. As soon as she sends me the pictures she took, I'll have a more detailed version of this post. :)

We went to Chili's with my silly little girl

We also spent an afternoon at the beach

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday Party Time

We had a big party for Claire on her birthday, a teddy bear picnic in the park. She had a blast! It was all about her and it was so much fun!

The day before, I baked her a cake

My first attempt at letters

Teddy bear cake and paw print cupcakes (my first time doing anything like this - I was very proud of how it came out)

The decorations

The birthday girl

We had chicken (her favorite) plus potato salad and grapes served on animal plates

Time to open presents

New stuff!

"Wait, there's more?"

All sorts of goodies

Cake time!


My favorite 1-year old

Testing out all the toys

My mom brought the book I was given when I was 4 or 5 so I made sure to read it to Claire

The weather was perfect for a picnic in the park

After lunch, cake and presents, everyone played on the playground (especially the adults)

Claire didn't wear her princess crown, but her great-grandpa and her daddy did. Sometimes I worry about what's in her genes.

After the park, we went to the mall, which is literally 2 minutes away. When we arrived, Claire was sound asleep. This girl parties hard.

We played in the kiddie area at the mall for the first time

One big happy family