Friday, September 11, 2009

Life is funny

Last night, Claire and I went to a baby shower. We played the classic memory game in which you pick 2 cards (out of about 20) on the board and see if they match. If you got it right, you had to pick a candy bar that represented the clue on the memory cards and keep the candy bar. For example, Boys Names would be Mike and Ike and Triplets would be 3 Musketeers. When it came to my turn, I randomly chose 2 cards and got it right. The clue? Mom Postpartum. When prompted to pick a candy bar, I asked if it was Airheads. Sure enough, I was right!

After the shower, I went home to drop off Claire so I could go to Target to pick up a few things.

Then I walked out the door without my keys.

1 is the number of people who love me:

Kricket said...

LOL! Sounds like something I'd do too.